The Lagos Market review✨

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Hi hi guys, welcome back to my blog,Babies❤. Yes,I know it has been a very very long time but I’m back now. Forgive me for being so inconsistent,I’ve been having very irritating mood swings,plus Writers’ block is showing me pepper.

Happy New Year! (By the way),this year has been good so far as your girl hasn’t felt any hint of sadness and has been looking pweedy with her beautiful skin (Yes!I brought my self hype from my previous post here).I pray this year goes very well for you.

So I’ve always wanted to do a review like this one but your girl never has the energy to leave the house (I’m that boring and lazy!).

Basically, I was in dire need of certain things which I’d never let anyone get for me (I’m very mad and never really appreciates the items my mom thinks would suit me).So I went and withdrew cash and headed to the Island with my Mom (My mom is included as I cannot come and lost in Lagos).

First of all,I’d like to tell you that I never go to any market with a car,I prefer the Commercial bus experience, It makes me feel like a confirm ajepako. So I took a straight bus to Eko Idumota. While we were on the third mainland Bridge, I told my mom how the water looks beautiful and how I’d like to take a dive and She said,”I bind the marine spirit in you”😂💔.

Disclaimer !: Never Ever Ever carry your big expensive phone to that market if you’re fond of holding your phone and pressing it,Just carry your 3310 and put it in your pocket (This is why I couldn’t take any pictures,just in case you’re wondering).

By the way,I wrote a list of what I wanted to buy but ended up spending money recklessly (Inserts crying emoji).

I started off by buying very beautiful tops at very low prices, I couldn’t believe the prices I got them for (I got a wrap blouse with ruffled arms too!). Bye bye,Instagram stores!

I’d post the pictures of the items when I’m slaying in them on my IG story and ensure I highlight them with #TLMR .

Then I walked all the way from Balogun to Issah Williams to get a very beautiful hair (Not gonna lie,I nearly started crying cause my legs were hurting) but the hair was worth the struggle.

I got this beauty at Universal hair care for 9k only!

If you ever need 100% virgin human hair at a cheap rate,find your way to Universal Hair Care and treat yourself well.

With too much excitement,I walked to a beauty store and bought a satin bonnet(It’s so fine, its clear it received home training),a mink lashes (which I’ve fallen in love with) and Davis brow pencils there. Then I walked to Idumota and went to a Jewellery store and finished all my money there.

So there you have it,I’m tired and I just remembered that I bought a beautiful boubou #2019naslaytime.

Thank you for taking out of your time to read this blog post.God bless you and may your hustle pay in 2019.

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Thank you !

See you in my next post,Adiós!


Growing and Glowing 😄❤

You can only find true happiness within you. Find inner peace and get comfy in your head, then just wait for the outcome.

                                     -Coined from the movie, 

                                          “The happy.ness ltd”

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Hey guys, Whats up? How is it going?. With Joy in my heart… (ughh, i sound like a deaconess). I am just really excited to be blogging again. It has been soooo long, I really missed jotting down on paper,posting and sneaking every hour to see how many views I have gotten. 

Plus, I’m so happy cause I overcame this unbearable sadness and I’m back,bebitas 💛. I’ve become this beautiful glowing female (too much hypes, innit?) and I’m blinding my enemies with my natural highlight. 

I feel like a grown woman now, y’all. I have the soul of a “shpopping” 25 year old woman who thinks about nothing but success (Meanwhile, I’m about eight years younger, sad abi? *inserts crying emoji*). By the way, I cannot wait to personalise this blog (Even though, its big money, a certain somebody has been encouraging me to work towards it). 

Between crying and becoming anti social, I fell in love with a beautiful human with the name “den den ❤” (Technically, I wont say love but I admire him soo much,I want to be his girlfriend) . Gosh, I’m such a dreamy person (Lowk I already planned our wedding) 

Lewa and daydreaming.

Y’all who do not know who den den is will be left in suspense (cause I cant allow another person to tell me I’m on a long thing) .

I’m going to let y’all go back to whatever it is you were doing before you checked this awesome blog. But Before you go, please do subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking the link below;
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Thank you for visiting this page (May your industry never burn). Adios, Everyone (Until next time when I come your way again, I stay shpopping). 

          May we all find true happiness 😄💛❤


N. B – No hearts were broken in the making of this blog, literally 😂.

The Tale of a wannabe


“Guy, abeg stand up”,Someone shouted. Who’s this one that is disturbing my sleep?. I woke up scratching my eyes and yawning.

“You are going to be late for the wedding”,Sharon said.

“I am?”,I said sitting up.

“Just go and have your bath,everyone is almost done, I don’t know why Ejiro didn’t wake you up”,she said pulling me.

Sharon made it out of her time to wake me up as a potential in-law. I stood up and muttered a thank you and walked to the bathroom. Ejiro probably didn’t wake me up because of her hate for me.

The wedding was a blast. Especially because the food was just splendid. I hadn’t seen Tari the whole day and I was just consoling myself by eating.I had other fatal attractions,but I only wanted Tari at the moment. “Excuse me,would you like to have anything?”,one of the servers asked. “Yes, I’d like amala,ewedu,roundabout,ponmo and ogunfe”,I said counting my fingers.He nodded after jotting my order down. The other girls were having the fun of their lives and I was here eating away. I picked up my phone and checked my Instagram,looks like I’m living the good life. The waiter brought my food while I was carried away with my phone .

” Excuse me,ma’am, your food”,he said as he tapped my shoulder. I smiled and thanked him and dragged my plate to myself. I picked up the cutlery and hissed. Abeg who fork and knife epp?. I dug my fingers into my food and helped my career. I cannot come and kill myself,if Tari was not in sight,I might as well worry about my dick appointment and stuff myself with good food.

“You are going to finish that?”, Someone said beside me and laughed. Oh no! That voice! Tari! I quickly picked up a serviette and cleaned my lips and jaw,turned my gaze and smiled.

” Oh hi”,I said. See bad market,since that I was not eating, he didn’t show face. Now,that I was using my hands,not cutleries o,my hands to eat.

“I didn’t think igbo girls liked amala,especially not a pretty one like you”, he said and gave me another serviette to clean my hand. I picked up a piece of meat and threw it in my mouth. Just to boost my morale a little bit,I cleaned my lips.

” Would you like to go somewhere else? To talk for a while”,he said and smiled. “Don’t worry, I’ll wait till you finish your food”, he said and smiled. Wait ke!,to watch a whole Nene eat with her hands.

I quickly pushed my food away and said,” I’m actually full o,let’s just go”, I said to avoid anymore unnecessary gist. I stood up and held my gown and started walking ahead of him. I decided not to fall anyone’s hand, so I was bouncing my ass while walking.

We walked to the parking lot together and stood beside one expensive car, I didnt want to rest on it before it will make noise and embarrass me.

“You’re sure you don’t want to sit in my car?”, Tari said. ” No,thank you”,I smiled and said. I didn’t want any unnecessary PDA inside the car before he’d think I was one of those easy unilag girls. We talked about the wedding even though I was the least interested in the gist. He leaned in to kiss me and placed his lips on mine. I kissed back and remembered I was supposed to control my hormones,before they put me in trouble.

I smiled at him shyly and heard my name behind me,I turned to see who it was and my jaw dropped immediately.

Feelings and sh*t 🙀💓. ( – Summer time edition ⚡)

Hey guys, Welcome back to my blog. I’m pretty sure my inconsistency is no big news. *Inserts apology note*. I was checking my stats this morning and I realised how much v and v’s I’ve gotten in the past months. I’m so grateful y’all💕. I finna set a reminder cause I’m bout to get serious with my blog👼. #StayWoke.

Currently eating jollof rice and feeling fly.

I’m pretty sure everyone’s a lil excited about summer or hyped up or something like that. Some others have been so sad about their love life ( Especially since Davido brought Chioma out to the spotlight with this assurance thingy ).

And Yeah !,There are people who are friggin’ emotional (Just like me) and are pondering if they are depressed cause they over think themselves into a bad mood and cry for no reason at all or caught between telling themselves how beautiful they are! Yup! I can relate.

But I personally think summer is the time to look hotttt and forget your sorrows. Even if you’ve felt the deepest pain.Trust me on this one,you might want to let go, especially it’s your ex who you can’t seem to get over,don’t play yourself, get your ass up and gain that bad ass confidence and hit on other people or as I’d like to say SHOOT YOUR SHOT😁.

Just try to bring out the best in you and don’t let anyone walk on you with their assholian attitude just because you like them.

Summer better make you a heart breaker. Just don’t come close to me or my friends.

Thank you.

Summer ’18 is going to be a blast. There are so many cool events going on this summer. Y’all can catch me live at these ones ;

Lagos Youth Fest – 1st August.

I’m pretty sure its in August but I have no idea what date it is.

Link Festival ( One of the hosts is my favourite 19 year old and the other, my 1dafu guy I have the hots for ) – 3rd August.

Raduno ’18 – 4th August.

Insta fest – 11th August

And when you do see me at this events,kindly speak to me. I’m nice and I do NOT bite.

In the middle of going out,making new friends, expressing yourself and being happy. You’re going spend a whole lot of money (Believe it or not). So you’d better thinking of how to make money (legit please!…We don’t want the police running after anyone now,do we?). So,you either rely on your wealthy parents who spoil you crazy or get realistic and get a job or learn a skill (I’ve gotten so good at making pastries, I might actually stick to it!). That way,Lagos would be less dominated with crazy people😭. I’m hoping home lovers like me have already installed a fun loving robot in them🎑. Until my next posts which will be sooner than y’all expect, Adios people✋!

Nigerian youths are lazy? Hell no🌝!

Hey y’all, Welcome back to my blog. This bad ass has been so lazy,my brain even went on leave (P.S – I meant that in the most sarcastic manner).

So,I was sleeping abi falling asleep when I thought of how fine and fresh I’d be when money comes (All shades of gorgeousness),have you ever imagined?. By the way,If you read this blog and you don’t follow me on insta yet😭😭😭 ( I have something evil in mind which I’d rather keep to myself ) . Please do follow me @lewatheshawty ( If I get up to 50 more followers by next week,I’m doing a give away ).

I’m pretty sure everybody heard how Buhari called the youths lazy (I told my mom,and she said I’m not a youth😖💔,that literally broke my heart).

When I read it online,I just felt angered oh! Like is this one mad? (I’m not actually this aggressive in real life btw) You and who is lazy?. Even if I don’t have a job (and I don’t plan on getting one now) at least I wash my plates after eating which buhari’s children don’t do (Like I’m sure).

And Excuse my french,I’ve deffs seen lots and lots of hardworking youths (Quick question,who exactly are the youths?) create jobs for themselves and other people. So I’m definitely going with the fact that Mr. Presido has stereotyped everybody as agbero (even the corporate begging they do brings them legit cash) – So watchu saying,sirs

On behalf of all the youths in Nigeria (I’m still not sure who the youths are,tbh). With all due respect, when you’re done doing world tour and calling other people’s children lazy,Please go and do internship programme with the President of Ghana.

Thank you!


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Please do try to stay alive and happy cause Depression is real asf !

The tales of a Wannabe

Fifteen “You look really pretty, I’m sure they won’t be able to tell who the bride is”,Sharon said. She had caught me unaware taking pictures.I had just finished my make up.And trust me, I was looking like Thanksgiving turkey. Even Sharon attested to my beauty, so Tari is definitely going to want me.I made myself hot and extra spicy.

“Why haven’t you worn your dress?”,I asked. “I will, everyone’s busy right now”,she said. ” Should I help you out?”,I asked. “Yes,Please.”,she said. Sharon turned out to be the nicest person I knew. Even nicer than Denise.I wondered why she didn’t have friends.She probably had a big flaw.”So Phil called and said he can’t make it”,she finally said.

“Oh!, Did he say why?”,I said.Not like I cared.Better luck for me with Tari.

“Important business,i think”,she said.

“Over his sister’s wedding? “,I said.

“Are you guys in a relationship?”,She said.

“We are friends”,I said faking a smile.

What on earth did he tell her?.She didn’t reply.”So what if I told you Tari had eyes for you?” she finally said after I hooked her necklace.

“Are you serious?”,I said and laughed. “Yeah, I don’t want to be the snitch here so let me keep quiet”,she said.

I was dying to hear more.My charms always work and I’m not even using jazz or anything.

The Traditional wedding was all shades of lituation. All these people dressed,danced and dined like the main wedding wasn’t there. My own wedding had better be like this. Or even better seff. Tari didn’t even look at my side,i was beginning to doubt Sharon’s short testimony.

I dragged myself to the bed right after I cleaned my make up with my cucumber flavoured wipes. My tiredness was on Cloud 9.The groom’s friends were hotter than hell itself.All of them had Beards,Seductive smiles and other traits of Yoruba demons. I didn’t want to dull myself by dancing like a stiff barbie doll. I still gave out my number to three guys. If Tari didn’t like me,abeg I still had hope with loaded boys. I was already falling asleep when my phone rang. Who could be calling now ehn?.”Hey babe”,a female voice said.

Who’s this one now? I hope I don’t have female toasters too,because there’s nothing someone will not see in this life. “Hey,who’s this?”,I said.

“You no well,na me you do dey give me,its Seun”,the voice said. My pimp girlfriend.

“Oh, what’s up b?”,I said and laughed.

“I dey,I’ve been to your room but they said you’ve gone out”,I said.

“Yeah, I went for a wedding”,I said.

“Alhaji wants you on Sunday,you’ll make it,yeah?”,She said.

Oh, my two million naira job.I had mixed feelings,I was scared and happy. Scared because I didn’t want to fall victims of ritualist and Happy because I’d have two million Maura to myself. “Sure, I will”,I said.

“Okay, just send your account details and your money will be transfered,i’ll call you tomorrow”,she said.I dropped my phone and sighed.

The Tale of a Wannabe


“Your dress is on my bed, dear,you can go and get it”,Sharon said.The lady was a beauty.Who wouldn’t want to be friends with her?. “Please hurry up, the make up artists are around already”,Ejiro said.I eyed her and walked upstairs. The girl was the rudest person I had ever met. I was unfortunate to share a room with her, The whole night turned out bad for me. She just kept on shouting like a dog,complaining about everything I did.She even said I was breathing too loud.I didn’t have her time because Tari’s room was next to ours and I didn’t want him to hear us fight,Before he will think I’m no different from other Unilag babes. Now, I had her time,she should just pass her boundary during the traditional wedding,I will wait for her to sleep at night and pour cold water on her. Sharon’s room was very big,the room was bigger than my mom’s room and parlour apartment. Even bigger than the face-me-I-face-you house itself. “Wow”,I finally heard myself say.I walked to the bed and sat down.My dress was on the bed and It was beautiful.I picked it and touched it. Everything looked good on me and I didn’t think this gown would be any different. I took the dress and walked out of the room. Sharon had told me I would love everything I would be wearing for her wedding after she gave me my jewelry in a pink box. She wasn’t lying,if ordinary traditional wedding dress is like this,the white wedding own will make me a goddess. I walked into the room and saw Ejiro and a pretty girl that was helping her with her face beat. Honestly, she looked very ugly with make up, not like she was fine without the make up sef. “Hello,I’m tejiri”,the make up artist said. I smiled and said, “I’m nene”. “I’ve seen you somewhere before,are you a student of the University of Lagos?”,she said. I nodded. If she knew,why did she ask?. “So you’re still a student sef?And you’re behaving like you’ve made waves in this life?”,Ejiro said. “Ejiro,mind your business”,I said and sat on the chair in front of the dressing mirror.I didn’t have her time,I just wanted to take off my face mask. “I’ve seen you at Moremi severally,your room is above mine”,Tejiri said again. “Abeg, If it’s make up you want to do,concentrate,dont do nonsense on my face Biko. Before I slap you”,Ejiro shouted. I instantly lost it.”Slap her first and you’ll see what I will do to you”,I said quietly. “Wait first,is it me this small girl is talking to?”,she said to the make up girl.”You heard well o, or you think it’s only you that has craze abi?”,I said as I wore my dress. “See this fresher o, you think you have achieved something by dating one of Sharon’s brothers, I’m sure it’s ashawo work you are doing in that school”,she said and faced me.”Miss,I’m young and living my life unlike you ugly faced female,aren’t you supposed to be married?, I don’t see a ring anywhere. Next time, you come at me, think about your life first.And I’m not dating any of her brothers,you can try your luck”,I said and walked in front of the mirror. I wore my dress properly and it fit perfectly.The off shoulder body con with the thigh slit combo was very nice.I hadn’t received a comeback from Ejiro,So I looked at her through the mirror and smiled. A cat definitely caught her tongue.